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What is melon?

Melon is a simple utility that notifies user for newly received emails, through a couple of configurable icons. In short it is an xbiff replacement.
It supports multiple mailboxes, acoustic warnings, execution of external programs on request, mbox and maildir formats.
Since Melon's check is based (by default) on the modification time of a file, it is able to monitor every kind of files, not just mailboxes.
See the README file for more information.


Gtk style
Custom style

  • Multiple mailboxes handling
  • Acoustic warnings
  • Execution of external programs on request
  • Pixmaps customization
  • Customizable menu and window colors.


Melon requires Gtk version 1.2.x


The latest melon release is 1.6
Source code is available here
See the Changelog file.

Debian package


Maildir support: Yachar Tajahmady <y at>
Debian package: Philipp Frauenfelder <pfrauenf at>


Melon is Copyright(C) 2001-2002-2003 Elisa Manara <e at>
The code is released under the GPL License version 2.


For problems, bug reports and suggestions, feel free to contact me!

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